Cave Tools Digital Cooking Thermometer Review ~ A Must Have For Holiday Cooking!


I have prepared many meals over the years and read hundreds of labels telling me what the internal temperature of the meat I am cooking should be when it is fully cooked. My approach has been just to pop the meat in the oven and cook it until it “looks done”. Luckily I’ve been a good judge of this and I haven’t given my family food poisioning yet!!

However, when approached by Cave Tools to review their meat thermometer I thought, hey this could be fun to test against my approach to cooking meat, plus my family might even feel a little safer with me in the kitchen preparing their meals!!

Test day finally arrived when it was time to cook the delicious looking ham in my fridge with an expiration date swiftly approaching. Good think I caught a glimpse of this baby buried in the back of the fridge because this mama hates wasting food! This could also be a sign I need to clean my fridge more. Oh, well that is beside the point. On to my review…..

I prepared my ham and cooked it as I normally do and when I thought the ham looked done, I inserted my Cave Tools Meat Thermometer into the meat to give me an internal temperature reading. The thermometer is very well constructed and was very easy to insert into the meat and turn on. In just seconds I had a reading that told me my ham was fully cooked. Easy Peasy!

It really is important to know the internal temperature of the meat your are cooking, especially when it comes to larger meats like ham, turkey or chicken. You want meat to be safe for your family to eat and with the Cave Tools Meat Thermometer you can have that piece of mind. Like I mentioned before, this thermometer is very well constructed and is a great investment! 

Hint…, Hint… This would also make a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for the friend or family member who is a cooking enthusiast! 

Features I love about the Cave Tools Cooking Thermometer

~ 100% Stainless Steel Design that Is Shatterproof and Waterproof…It Will Not Break.
~ 4-6 Second Read Times So Your Food Never Gets Cold
~ Fits In Your Pocket For Convenient Use and Easy Storage
~ Large Digital Display and Buttons 

Read more about the Cave Tools Digital Cooking Thermometer HERE

Disclaimer: Cave Tools provided me this product for review in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are honest and expressly my very own.

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