Moody Gardens Galveston All New "Spongebob SubPants Adventure" and Our Family Trip 2015!

What better way to kick off summer than with a trip to Galveston, Texas! That is exactly what we did to start this season of fun in the sun. Our destination was Moody Gardens Galveston to see the premiere of the All New “Spongebob Subpants Adventure” and boy did it deliver on the fun and much more!  Stay tuned for more details below and special SAVINGS for my readers…..


As a single mom of two boys, I was excited that my mom came along with us to experience Moody Gardens Galveston. Since this was our first trip to Galveston, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. As we drove along the I-45 Causeway, Moody Gardens came into view with the beautiful pyramids.

When we arrived and began to check-in, the boys were already well on their way to investigating the surroundings. Gift shop…check, Elevators….check, Vending Machines….check. Yes, those seem to rank high on the list for my kiddos when we travel. Priorities, Right? 
Next on my priority list was to get to our room to drop off our luggage. When I walked into the room I was immediately impressed with the beautiful décor and the view from our room overlooking the Pool, Pyramids, and the Ocean. Ahhh, I could feel then that summer had arrived!


Moody Gardens is host to many attractions but since we are total Spongebob fans, first on our list was the All New “Spongebob Subpants Adventure”  in the Discovery Pyramid.  As soon as you enter the attraction area, your visual senses are heightened as you walk into a room with tanks featuring beautiful jellyfish, coral and other sea-creatures. Next, our sea captain showed us a short video and we were then ready to board the “Le Plunger”  for the  life-sized world of Bikini Bottom which is viewed through a 30-foot wide observation window. Patrick Star and the rest of his underwater animated pals then took us on a 3D technology adventure where guests were able to have real-time conversations with him that help choose our path through the underwater adventure. The audience interaction was a great element that had us laughing all the way through.  Another feature is the 4D sensory element that brought the adventure to life through scents, like the smell of sunscreen, bubbles that popped above our heads and a bouncing beach ball in the audience. We saw first-hand the hard work Nickelodeon  put into this attraction and it was so much fun!

Next, we were ready to explore even more of what Moody Gardens had to offer.  If you have never been, let me inform you that there are 3 Pyramids (Aquarium, Rainforest and Discovery)  playing host to many attractions. We decided to start with the Aquarium which showcases sea-life in many forms. A highlight for us was the walk-through aquarium with my sons favorite….the sharks! We also encountered the penguins (oh, so cute),  the sea lions and oh yes, an Anaconda! Let me just say it was HUGE and I just may have gotten the Heebie Geebies.  This is not just a small aquarium either. I was impressed with the amount of sea-life and other creatures on display.


Where to next? The Rainforest of course! We stepped into a true Rainforest environment where tropical plants surrounded us, butterflies fluttered around and the tropical birds were beautifully perched. Another exhibit in the Rainforest we found exciting were the Bats. We were able to see them up close as they flew around their habitat. My youngest son had never seen bats so this was fun for him. As we left the Rainforest we were ready to head to the Discovery Pyramid to catch a showing at the MG 3D Theater.

The Discovery Pyramid is great in that is houses many theater attractions as well as a restaurant and snack bar. At this point in our adventure we were pretty tired from all the walking so it was nice to just grab a snack and relax for a moment.  We had chosen which show we wanted to see at the MG 3D Theater so that was next on our list. It was a Jacque Cousteau feature that was really informative about sea-life. We all walked away with new  and interesting facts. That really is one great thing  about visiting Moody Gardens. It is fun and educational all at the same time. 
We didn’t visit ALL the attractions Moody Gardens has to offer due to other scheduled adventures in Galveston, but  you will want to plan on spending a full-day or even two (2) days on your visit!


With so many cool and exciting  attractions at Moody Gardens, you will want to be sure to visit each and every one of them with a Moody Gardens One-Day Value Pass priced at $54.95 with this special code for my readers:MGBLOG02

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**Moody Gardens invited me to experience the All New “Spongebob SubPants Adventure” and accomodated me with a 1-night stay.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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