Why A Trip To Schlitterbahn Waterparks Should Be On Your Summer Calendar! Hint~ Fun & Frugal!

Spring has arrived and the sun peeking through the clouds has me excited about summer approaching! This time of year in our house means pulling out the calendar and planning our summer activities and travel destinations.  As always, a trip (or two…or three) to Schlitterbahn is a must! 

As a parent, one of the reasons I like Schlitterbahn Waterparks is because it is a fun and frugal destination for the family. A day at an amusement park or water park has the possibility of breaking the bank fast but Schlitterbahn offers many frugal options for families……

~ FREE Parking
~ FREE Life Jackets
~ Bring Your Own Ice Chest!!!! (Big Time Money Saver)

Schlitterbahn also makes it easy to eat with many picnic table options that provide shaded relief from the sun. Just another great feature offered by Schlitterbahn

Let’s Talk Rides…..

Schlitterbahn has been the birthplace of nearly every waterpark ride innovation including the world’s first uphill water coaster and the inland surfing ride…..the Boogie Bahn! For me though, I am all about riding the lazy river. I’ll leave the stomach-drop excitement to the young’uns! 

With so many locations, you have your choice of Schlitterbahn parks to visit and they each have their own claim to fame.

~ New Braunfels: Worlds longest tube ride; America’s Favorite Waterpark

~ South Padre: World’s First Transportainment system where interconnected rivers are queue lines for rides. I can’t even explain how much I love this feature. I never had to leave the water to ride all the rides and I never got hot waiting in line.

~ Galveston – World’s favorite indoor park.

~ Kansas City – Midwest’s longest tubing adventure, and home to the World’s Tallest Waterslide!

Are you excited yet? Now get out your calendar and start planning!

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