Prairie Lights Grand Prairie on a Budget!

Get ready to be delighted at Prairie Lights in Grand Prairie! This is one of the most amazing displays of Christmas Lights we have seen. My boys loved it and they are teenagers!! I can only imagine how much fun this would have been when my boys were younger (oh the memories…….). Ok, I’m back from memory lane. Now I can tell you about what to expect on your trip to Prairie Lights!

Warning! This is not a quick drive in the park to see amazing Christmas light displays. Prairie Lights is a very popular holiday destination and you can expect to wait up to an hour in line just to get into the park. Since this is a drive-thru event this does make the wait a little easier. Oh, and don’ton’t forget to make sure you have enough gas to wait in line!

Once you enter the park you will begin a journey to see a light display that won’t disappoint! You will begin with a Charles Dickens scene and end with a drive through of the magnificient Light Tunnel. Half way through the park you will be able to stop at the Holiday Village where you can stretch your legs, use the restrooms, ride the carousel, purchase snacks and even experience the indoor holiday Laser Light show and Holiday Magic Walk-Thru Forest. Note that the Laser Light show and Holiday Magic Walk-Thru Forest are additional charges.

So how do you make this adventure fun and budget friendly? Follow these Frugal Tips……

~ Budget for admission.  The entrance fee per car is $20 Mon-Thur. (non-holiday) and $30 Fri-Sat (and holidays). I have not found discount tickets available.

~ While waiting, bring along a holiday movie for the kids to watch in the vehicle so they don’t get bored. This will make life easier for mom and dad with anxious kiddos!

~ When visiting the Holiday Village, bring your own snacks, drinks and goodies to help prevent you from overspending at the snack bars. Tables are provided in the tent to 

~ If you do want to spend money at the snack bars, here is a sample of the pricing. Jumbo Corn Dogs $5, Funnel Cakes $5, can soda $1, large Hot Chocolate (loaded with marshmallows) $2. 

~ Kids can ride the two amusement rides including the carousel for FREE!

For more information about Prairie Lights, visit!

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