Fun at the 4th Annual Eggfest @ Texas Freshwater Fisheries April 12th!

If your looking for something fun to do this weekend why not attend the 4th Annual Athens Eggfest at Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center!  What exactly is an Eggfest? That is the question I first posed. However, did you know there are actually self-proclaimed Eggheads who use the iconic egg-shaped grills and cookers to showcase their diverse cooking skills? I learn something new everyday!

The TFFC Eggfest can be thought of as an Ultimate Tailgate Cookout where dozens of Eggheads will fire up their Big Green Eggs and bake, smoke and grill on the iconic ceramic cookers. You will be able to watch demonstrations all day as well as taste these great foods coming off the grill. The guest cook this year will be Tyron Smith known to Dallas Cowboys fans as #77.
While you are there, be sure to enjoy all that the Texas Freshwater Fisheries has to offer from feeding ducks and fish, watching an underwater live feeding, and learning about different Aquatic habitats in Texas with a tour of the fishery ponds.  
What you need to know. 
Date: Saturday, April 12th 2014 
Time: 9am to 4pm (Cooking will stop at 3pm. Tasting will continue until all food is gone)
Cost: General Admission fees to the TFFC apply. 
$5.50 Adults
$4.50 Seniors 65 and older
$3.50 Children 4-12
You will be able to purchase a “Tasting Badge” for $5 when you pre-register online at The fee will be $10 the day of the event. 
Get your taste buds ready to enjoy a large variety of foods from cinnamon rolls, boudin, venison sausage, shrimp and much more!

For directions or more information about the Texas Freshwater Fisheries, visit HERE.

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