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Frugal Easter Basket Ideas!

Frugal Easter Basket Ideas

Adorable Easter Baskets line the shelves this time of year but they can also be quite a budget buster. This is your opportunity to get crafty and think outside the basket!

~ Look around your house to see if you have a basket sitting around. Baskets of any shape and size can be transformed into an adorable Easter Basket. Think, think, think…. maybe you will remember the basket you tucked away in a closet or storage thinking you would get around to making that crafty project you found on Pinterest. Okay, maybe that’s me but I’m sure I’m not the only one…right?

~ Look around at your local garage sales. Many times you can pick up a brand new basket for just pennies.

~ Check out your local Dollar Stores or even the Target Dollar Spot. You can score a great deal on a basket, colorful bucket or container.

~ Get creative! Your Easter Basket can be a fun functional item such as a lunch box, sand bucket, flower pot, etc. Dress it up with ribbon and stickers and you have the most original Easter Basket ever!

~ Did you score a great deal on clearance Valentine’s Day candy? Put it to use as a filler. That is if your husband hasn’t already torn through it. Yes, that happened in my house!

~ Hobby Lobby almost always has a 40% off coupon on their website. Use this coupon to score candy or even a crafty filler.

~ Again, check the Dollar Stores for inexpensive plastic eggs and fill them with jelly beans, change, stickers, or even party bubbles.

~ Make homemade playdough with these great RECIPES.

~ Half-Price Books always has great deals not only on books, music and movies but you can pick up a nice pair of earphones and fun novelties for a great price as well. Check their website for coupons that are released periodically. Right now new subscribers to their e-mail subscription will receive a 10% off coupon.

~ Gift cards and movie tickets can be great fillers for teenagers. These can actually be a more frugal option in the long run because you know they will use them as opposed to a cutsie (is that a word?) item that will just be tossed in the closet and forgotten.

Finally, just think of your kids individuality and their interests and run with it to make a great Easter Basket!

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