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FREE Fishing in Texas State Parks ~ Our Family Adventure!

Our Texas State Park Adventure

When the forecast called for a beautiful Texas weekend I knew I had to get the boys out of the house and away from the video game console. Something I knew they would enjoy is a short road trip that included a chance to drop a line in the water and catch a fish. I also knew this outing would be budget friendly.  Read on to find out just how budget friendly a visit to a Texas State Park can be.

Just about anywhere you live in Texas, you will find that a State Park is probably less than an hour away from home. A huge benefit of the Texas State Parks is their FREE FISHING program. This was a big advantage for my family because while we enjoy fishing several times a year, we do not fish enough to justify purchasing a yearly fishing license. 

Another great advantage of fishing at Texas State Parks is their “Tackle Loaner Program”. This program is great for individuals or families who are just beginning to fish or who only fish a couple of times a year. This program allows you to check out fishing gear such as rods, reels, tackle boxes and bobbers for 7 days  just like you would check out a book at your local library. Find a loaner site HERE.
On to our fun family day at Meridian State Park…..

Our drive was just about an hour and ten minutes, just long enough to break out the snack bag and enjoy a scenic drive to what is described as the Top of the Texas Hill Country. The landscape of Meridian, Texas is absolutely beautiful. Just minutes before we arrived at the park entrance, the boys noticed a field with antelope, a zebra and what we could only assume was either a small camel or a large kangaroo. It has bothered me for days not knowing what the mystery animal was but that’s just me! 

As we arrived, the entrance to the park was filled with a fragrant aroma. It’s time for the wildflowers to bloom in Texas and I didn’t know that bluebonnets could smell so beautiful. With only a short stop at the Ranger’s office for our park permit ($20 for our family of four), we were on our way to a fun filled-day. 

Our excitement peaked as soon as we saw the water and fishing dock. There are several camping shelters at the waters edge which were all filled with families but the park still remained an intimate un-crowded little oasis. My youngest son began baiting our hooks with long scary worms (ok maybe I was the only one scared of the little earthly creatures) then we set-up on the dock and began our wait to catch a fish.  In the end, my oldest son caught the only fish of the day. I would tell you a fish tale that it was a monster fish, but I already included a photo of it in this post! 

Our day wrapped up just before the sun had set and I can tell you that our frugal family outing will hold memories for years to come. Just the fact that I could hear my 13 and 17 year old boys telling each other “I love you” on the ride back home made this girl a very happy mommy!

Want more information about a Texas State Park near you? Visit HERE.

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