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Traveling with my guys!
It’s no secret that our family loves to hit the road in search of a great adventure. We are known to jump in the car and hit the road at the spur of the moment for overnight road trips in our great state of Texas. These trips sometimes go against my “Planning” nature but they have also turned out to be some of the greatest experiences we have had traveling. 

Whether it is planning a trip or just hitting the road, one thing at the top of my list to consider is our budget. Although I can’t always thoroughly plan some trips ahead of time, I do have a few tricks in the bag that work well when I need them and will help us to save money when traveling. Here are a few tips and tricks I find useful. 

~ Check the official website of the destination city you are visiting. Many times you can find deals and discounts to local attractions along with FREE visitors guides and maps. Here are links to some major cities throughout Texas.

DALLAS – Offering deals and discount coupons as well as a listing of FREE things to do in Dallas.

Dallas, Texas Fifty Free…. 50 Great Things – Yours “Free to Enjoy”

Fort Worth Cowboys & Culture – Features all the attractions and events that Fort Worth has to offer. Deals and discount coupons are available to print for area eateries and attractions. You will also find a listing of hotels to fit your style and budget. 

FREE in Fort Worth – Enjoy Fort Worth without spending a lot of money with these FREE attractions throughout the city.

Experience Arlington – The official travel site for your visit to Arlington, Texas. Offering discount coupons to local area attractions and eateries.

Official Houston Visitors Guide – Offering discounts on hotels and attractions. Plan your trip with FREE maps and guides to locations throughout the city.  Print coupons for deals and discounts to local eateries and attractions. 

Austin Visitors Guide – View the local events calendar and plan your trip to Austin. Find deals on local hotels stays and discounts to area attractions. 

SAVE – San Antonio Vacation Experience – Find local events, hotels, dining and more. This site has a great list of discount coupons to use at area eateries and attractions throughout the city.

~ When you are planning a visit to a local theme park, you can usually find some great discounts directly on their website. I always check there first. Another place I can always find a great discount to many of the attractions throughout Texas is at the Texas Travel Industry website. 

TTIA Partners in the Park  offers deep discounts to …..

Six Flags Parks
Sea World San Antonio
Schlitterbahn Parks
Natural Bridge Caverns
and more added throughout the year.

~ When booking a hotel, I always kindly ask what the best possible rate is that they can give me. 90% of the time they will give me a better rate than the advertised price. Remember, ask nicely!

~ Also when booking a hotel, take into consideration if they will offer a FREE breakfast or even FREE snacks in the evening hours. Many hotels now offer these amenities so be sure to ask and take advantage. It will help your budget!

~ Don’t forget the Drinks & Snacks! If you have children traveling with you, this could be a major budget buster! My family will usually pack a few snacks and drinks to take along for the car ride. When we settle into the hotel is usually when the major grubbing begins (yes, I have teenage boys!) Because I don’t want to use a lot of space in the car just for food, we usually head to the local discount grocery store in the area we are staying upon arrival. This way we can purchase food and take directly back to the hotel. This also helps too with foods that need to be refrigerated.  Forego the pricey restaurants and make sandwiches in your room. This will save big bucks!!

~ Most hotel rooms come with a mini-fridge but if you find that yours doesn’t, just ask the front desk if they can bring you one. I just recently found out that many hotels will furnish you with a mini-fridge if your room isn’t equipped with one. Who knew??

I really could go on forever about the things I have found to help our family travel on a budget. However, I think I have touched some of the major points in this post and I hope it will help you on your next travel adventure!

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