Rental Car Savings Tips!

In planning an upcoming weekend getaway, my husband and I decided to rent a mid-size car. Our car is not exactly new but it is paid for and runs well so we like to rent in lieu of putting the extra miles and wear and tear on our vehicle. Not having a monthly payment allows us this nice splurge (which can honestly be quite frugal). Plus, it makes our trips more enjoyable when I don’t have to worry about possibly having to pay an extra expense on vacation if our car was to “gasp” break down during our trip.

Truthfully, renting a car doesn’t have to be expensive when you know a few secrets. We use Budget Rental because it is convenient to our home location and so the following money saving tips will be about Budget Rental exclusively.

Tip #1 SEARCH DISCOUNT RENTAL CODES – Grab your pen and pad because you will find a ton of discount codes when you simply do an internet search for “budget rental car discount codes”.  After you have compiled your list, go to the Budget website at www.budget.com and put in the information for your reservation date. There will be a box to put your code in and then you can compare prices with each code. There will always be that ONE code that will yield you a huge savings and you just never know which one it is until your do your search.

Here are a few sites to search for discount codes:
Rental Car Momma
Deals Plus

Tip #2 RESERVE EARLY – As soon as you know you are going to need a rental car and have found the best price by comparing discount codes, make your reservation! This is VERY SIMPLE. Budget allows for you to make your reservation online without requiring a credit card and will instantly send you an e-mail with reservation details.

Tip #3 CHECK THE RATE DAILY! – Now that your reservation has been made and you have a confirmation e-mail, you will want to check www.budget.com on a daily basis to see if the price changes. Budget rental rates will fluctuate daily (my rate was $40 less just 1 day after my original reservation was made) so be sure to use the discount code used during your original reservation to check and see just how much more you can save.

If the price has dropped, all you have to do is MAKE A NEW RESERVATION at this rate. DO NOT try to CHANGE the original reservation! I have done this before and it didn’t end well. Instead, just go into your e-mail confirmation from the higher priced reservation and cancel it (there is a simple button that you click in the e-mail that says “cancel reservation”).

TIP # 4 CHECK YOUR INSURANCE COVERAGE – When you opt to take out daily insurance coverage through Budget,  the rate can run higher than the actual rate for the rental car itself. However, insurance is something you definately need to have! Don’t panic though because your personal insurance may already cover you for rental cars.  Just make a call to your insurance company and ask about rental car coverage. If you are covered, you do not need to take out the high priced coverage with Budget. On the other hand, if your personal insurance doesn’t cover rentals, you definately need to purchase optional coverage through Budget.


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