Summer is quickly approaching and what a great time to encourage the love of reading with our children. You will see many summer reading reward programs advertised soon that will also give children the incentive to read over their summer vacation.  Sometimes as parents we don’t exactly know where to start as far as suggested reading. After all, we are busy being parents and can’t exactly ready EVERYTHING!  

We can be plaqued with the questions like… What will interest my child? What is age appropriate reading material for my child?  We may even be asking ourselves what exactly is in the reading material of the book my child has chosen for him/herself. Ok, don’t start to panic now, I’m here for you!

Luckily now there is a great FREE  tool for parents and their children to utilize when it comes to choosing just the right book. Yes, I said FREE! The site Storysnoops.com offers an abundance of assistance for helping parents and their teens and tweens choose what will be on this summers reading list. 

You will have options to browse by AGE, TITLE, AUTHOR, CONTENT KEYWORD AND AWARD.

Since learning about this site and becoming completely in “AWE” of all the features, I was able to ask a few questions from the co-founding moms.  Here is what they had to say…..

~ I have read and appreciate the story of how StorySnoops was created. Before you began your site, as a parent, did you have trouble finding a resource like Story Snoops where parents themselves reviewed the books geared toward our children?

 Yes. In fact, it was the complete lack of parent-to-parent information that really inspired us. One of our founders has always made it a habit to pre-read her daughter’s books, and we found ourselves always going to her for advice, because really, who has time to do all that reading?! We also found that when we ran our school’s book fair, many, many parents asked us our opinions about whether their child would like a certain book, or if we had any idea what was in it. We had a bit of an “aha!” moment, and realized that we could create a place for parents to go to find answers to all of their book questions.  We could find plenty of book reviews online, but none were from a parent’s perspective. And thus, StorySnoops was born!


~Do you encourage children to post their own reviews of the books featured on StorySnoops?

We do. At the bottom of every book page, there is a place to post your own review of that book. We ask the reviewer to identify him or herself as youth or adult, and we certainly like to have all opinions represented. Who knows, a book that an adult loves may just simply not appeal to a kid, and vice versa J


~ Who do you think will benefit the most from StorySnoops?

When we started StorySnoops, we expected that parents would be our primary audience. We’ve found however, that it has a huge benefit for teachers and librarians, who are making book recommendations and stocking their shelves daily. In the end, the kids benefit from making the best possible book connection. Every positive reading experience only makes a kid want to read more, and that is our ultimate goal.


~ Do you think it is important to keep this resource free to everyone?

Absolutely. We believe that this is valuable information, and we’ve worked hard to compile it all in one place so parents, teachers and librarians can easily find the “just right” book for any child, and not have to spend time gathering bits of information from a multitude of sources. It just wouldn’t seem right to ask people to pay for a great book recommendation.


Now that you have had a chance to find out more about Story Snoops, you can start on your summer reading list at www.storysnoops.com.


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