Big Idaho Potato Tour Coming to Burleson!

Sometimes you come across something that is so unusual it make you kinda laugh.  That is exactly what I did when I first heard about the Big Idaho Potato Tour and saw the picture of the truck carrying a GIGANTIC 12,000lb potato! Ok…I admit at first I wondered if it was real. Sometimes the logical part of my brain doesn’t work but who’s perfect?

So…your probably wondering what in the world is the reason for this unique Big Idaho Potato tour?  At least that was what I was thinking anyway 😉  Then I just had to visit to find out. I must say the Idaho Potato Commission has a stellar marketing team!

Here is what I found out:

The Idaho Potato Commission is celebrating their 75th year of promoting Idaho Potatoes in a big way. This tour also makes for a wonderful opportunity to get some really great programs recognized, including: Meals on Wheels, The American Heart Association and the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. Visit and you can easily donate to Meals on Wheels.

Once I found out their mission I was impressed. Then I found out that the GIGANTIC potato was coming to my hometown of Burleson, Tx.  Yep, my little hometown. What are the odds, right?  Now I just had to make plans to see this potato in person.  So, if anyone is wondering where I am this Saturday morning at 9:00am just look for the Big Idaho Potato in the HEB parking lot and I will be gawking at this crazy spud.  Oh, by the way…I hear there may be prizes too! Woo-Hoo!

For all the other people who have logical brain lapses, here is a video of how the big spud was made.

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