Run a Frugal Kids Lemonade Stand With These FREE Tools!

Summertime has arrived and if you are like me, your always looking for something fun and frugal to entertain the kiddos. One idea thanks to the help of Sunkist is to run a “Take a Stand” lemonade stand.  Sunkist started this program to encourage kids to give the proceeds from their lemonade stand to support charities close to their heart.  I think this is a great summer project for kids that they will remember for a lifetime. Teaching kids to give back is such a powerful thing.

Sunkist has even made running a lemonade stand so simple and easy with these great FREE tools.  Print them out and use them to make your lemonade stand a success!

RECIPES – From old fashion lemonade to tropical lemonade, you will find great recipes here.

LEMONADE FOR SALE POSTER – Draw customers in with this adorable poster.

STAND PRICE SIGN –  Jazz up your lemonade stand with this sign.

STAND SALES TRACKER – Great tool to teach children about running a business.

HOW TO PRICE YOUR PRODUCT –  Teach kids how to make a profit.

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