Sears KidVantage Club…Free Replacement Clothing!


 Sears KidVantage® Club

If you have boys like I do, you know they can be very rough and tough on their clothes, especially JEANS!  In general ANY child whether they are male or female can tend to wear out their clothing pretty fast.  That is why you will definately want to become a KidVantage member at Sears (it’s FREE). A very special perk of the KidVantage membership is the Wear-Out Guarantee.  Here is what Sears says about this perk………
wear-out guarantee
You want the kids’ clothes and shoes you buy to last—especially in today’s economy. That’s why KidVantage Club members get this great guarantee: if the kids’ clothes or shoes you buy at Sears wear out before they’re outgrown, we’ll replace them for free. You’ll get an identical item, whenever possible, or a similar item of equal value in the same size. Please note that you must present your receipt to replace worn-out national brand clothing and shoes.
My son only wears Levi’s 514 jeans and invariably will have a hole in the knee within a month.  This program works well for us!  All we do is take the receipt (don’t forget to save all the Sears kids clothing/shoe receipts) and the jeans back and Voila…..we have a brand new pair of jeans.
Good to Know…..
*KidVantage Membership is free but you must sign-up in store.
*Earn a 15% off coupon every time your account reaches $100

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