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Truewhite Teeth Whitening System $49 ($314 Value)!

If you want the convenience of being able to whiten your teeth at home, then this is a great offer from BuyWithMe by Gilt City.  

What to Know…..

•In just five minutes, you can see an immediate change in the shade of your teeth: they whiten up to seven shades in this process.

•Each on-the-go whitening applicator pen is good for 20 sessions, to be spread out how you choose (tip: using the pen two to three times a week yields the best results).

•Application is easy. You’ll simply dispense the dental-grade gel into the trays and activate it using a handheld blue LED light device. The process is finished in less than 30 minutes.

•The enamel-safe, dental-grade formula is the same one used by dental professionals, but you get to use the system in the comfort of your own home.

•Shipping is free: less than the price of gas otherwise used during your trip to the dentist.


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