My Coupon Closet Organizer ~ Free Shipping!

Are you new to couponing or even an old pro who just needs a great organization system?  Now you can easily organize and be prepared for each trip to the store you make with the My Coupon Closet Organizer. There are a ton of great features and right now for a limited time, you can get FREE shipping when you enter the code freeship11. Visit My Coupon Closet  and order yours today.  This will be a priceless investment in your couponing lifestyle.
Your purchase will include:

60 white custom coupon files to organize your manufacturer coupons. These are manufactured just for coupon use and are very sturdy.

5 green custom coupon files for your store coupons (All custom files are closed on three sides so you never have to worry about coupons slipping out.)

1 pair of scissors and 1 pen A separator to store all your supplies

A Plastic box with snap on lid to store your new files

A Free Bag to carry your new organizer.


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