SavingStar ~ New way to Save AND Earn Money at the Grocery/Drug Store!!

There is an Awesome new Grocery eCoupon site that gives a new spin on saving money at the store.

SavingStar is a program that allows you to add ecoupons to your store loyalty cards.  The twist in this program is that when you purchase the ecoupon item, the actual ecoupon value will be added to your SavingStar account instead of being taken off at the register.
For example, purchase L’oreal Shampoo at the store price of  $3.00.  Use your loyalty card with an ecoupon for L’oreal  Shampoo valued at $0.75. You will still pay $3.00 out of pocket but $0.75 will be added to your SavingStar account.  Why is this such a great program??  Well, you can stack a mfg. coupon with a SavingStar ecoupon!!!!!!  This allows you to save at the store AND get $$ added to your SavingStar account!  Don’t hesitate….Join SavingStar Now!

Good to know……

Q: What stores participate in the SavingStar program?
A: When you sign up for SavingStar you can search your zip code for participating stores.  Currently CVS, Albertsons, Brookshires and Kroger participate in my DFW area.

Q: What can I earn with SavingStar money?
A: When your account reaches $5 (which will add up in no time) you will be able to pick your payout.  You can choose from a deposit to your bank, paypal or an Amazon giftcard.


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